Hebrew Bible Related Reviews from RBL (1 December 2005)

After a short hiatus, the Review of Biblical Literature Newsleter is back up and running. Today’s issue notes a number of reviews relating to the Hebrew Bible and the Second Temple period. The Campbell Festschrift looks like it has a number of interesting chapters from the likes of Peckham, Lohfink, Sweeney, McEvenue, Knierim, among others. In particular, the chapter by Steven McKenzie on Jonah looks like it is worth a read.

  • Martin Kessler, ed., Reading the Book of Jeremiah: A Search for Coherence. Reviewed by Else Holt.
  • Kenneth Mathews, The New American Commentary: Genesis 11:27-50:26. Reviewed by Thomas Hieke
  • Mark O’Brien and Howard Wallace, eds., Seeing Signals, Reading Signs: The Art of Exegesis: Studies in Honour of Antony F. Campbell, SJ for his Seventieth Birthday. Reviewed by Mark Christian
  • Noel Weeks, Admonition and Curse: The Ancient Near Eastern Treaty/Covenant Form as a Problem in Inter-Cultural Relationships. Reviewed by John Engle

Second Temple

  • David R. Jackson, Enochic Judaism: Three Defining Paradigm Exemplars. Reviewed by Eric Noffke


  • BibleWorks 6. Reviewed by Jan Van Der Watt
  • Anne-Marie Pelletier, ed., Bibles en Français: Traduction et Tradition: Actes du Colloque des 5-6 décembre 2003. Reviewed by Sabrina Inowlocki
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