Biblioblogger Seal of Approval

In the light of the recent discussion by Jim West, Mark Goodacre, Jim Davila, Rick Brannan, Stephen C. Carlson, Tim Bulkeley, Paul Nikkel, and the mysterious female “Pligrim” (sorry if I missed anyone, you obviously weren’t on my “a-list” of approved biblioblogs!), I figured the biblioblog hegemony was in dire jeopardy.

Then it came to me! I thought, “what better way to identify approved biblioblogs than a flashy seal of approval that can be proudly displayed on certified biblioblogs?” By having an official seal of approval we true bibliobloggers can be sure of the quality — and more importantly — the official status of all blogs, since we will control who can enter the official biblioblogging club!

So with my trusty Photoshop I made the following “Biblioblog Seal of Approval.”

(Any and all likeness to real bibliobloggers is coincidental — really!)

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