Biblical Software for the Macintosh News & Notes

Accordance Updates and New Releases

As already mentioned by Ken Ristau, Rubén Gómez, and Danny Zacharias, OakTree Software has released version 6.9 of Accordance, as well as three noteworthy packages:

  • Die Mac Studienbibel CD-Rom. While not as complete as the Logos Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible, this release includes the full critical apparatus of BHS and NA27, an untagged LXX-R, the Vulgate, BDB, LEH2, as well as a number of German lexicons and a German version of Accordance.
  • Eerdmans Reference CD-Rom. This includes a number of Eerdmans reference works, including Pillar New Testament Commentaries and the Eerdmans Bible Dictionary.
  • Scholar’s Collection 6.9. This upgrades most modules and offers some new tagged Greek texts of broad interest to scholars, including Codex Bezae, Apocryphal Gospels, Pseudepigrapha (English), a tagged Josephus and Philo, among others.

Adjusted Release Date for Logos for Macintosh

The release date for Logos Bible Software for the Mac has been adjusted to Spring 2006 (hopefully shipping by June 21). A press release noted,

Logos Bible Software is a large, sophisticated piece of software, which explains why we underestimated the time required to bring it to a new platform. But never fear…work is progressing steadily with no major obstacles, and the application looks great in the current build. Our artist-in-residence (who is a Mac devotee himself) turned out some very nice visuals for the interface so that Logos Bible Software would feel right at home on the Mac.

Some screenshots may be viewed here.

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