Pop Culture Profile: U2 (UPDATED)

Next week I will deliver a lecture in my Religion & Popular Culture class entitled “The Gospel according to U2.” Readers of this blog know that I am a huge U2 fan and I am looking forward to this lecture.

I am also looking forward to receiving my copy of U2’s latest DVD, U2: Vertigo 2005 – Live From Chicago which should be coming in the mail soon. U2 is a great live band and I’ve enjoyed all of their DVDs, though my favourite is probably Rattle & Hum, though Elevation is also quite good. I also quite like their collection of music videos, The Best of 1990-2000. Here is a sampling of their videography, starting with their most recent:

There have been a number of books over the years chronicling the Irish rock band. I would highly recommend Stockman’s book (My good friend Bob Derrenbacker is allegedly mentioned in the preface of the revised edition). Some of my favourites include:

UPDATE: My good friend Bob Derrenbacker has highlighted some additional U2 resources. He mentioned the November RollingStone interview with Bono (for the print version see here; for an MP3 of the interview see here). He also noted another very recent book that I wasn’t aware of:

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