The Da Vinci Code Once Again

The Scotsman has a pretty good article on the Da Vinci Code by Brian Hancock entitled, “Cracking the Code isn’t so hard to do.”

On a related note, one of the public lectures I am organizing this fall at Taylor University College is on the Da Vinci Code:

Responding to The Da Vinci Code:
Mary Magdalene in History and Canon

Dr. Jo-Ann Badley
Newman Theological College
Thursday 13 October 2005
Taylor University College

The Da Vinci Code has been on the best-seller list for months because it is a fascinating book. Brown bases his plot on the neglect of Mary Magdalene in the church. How much fact is there in the fascinating? Jo-Ann Badley will review Brown’s book as she explores Mary Magdalene’s role in scripture and the early church.

If you are in the Edmonton area consider yourself invited. If not, the lecture will be made available on my Public Lecture section of my website.

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