Tags, Navigation, and the Meaning of Life

Tim Bulkeley at SansBlogue and Wayne Leman at BetterBibles Blog have been talking a lot about tagging blog posts recently. I encourage you to take a look at their posts. One I found particularly helpful that Tim highlighted pointed to a script that could be used with Blogger to add tags easily; it is available from Freshblog. Note that you need to edit the script to make it work and you can also edit it to produce tags employing your own CSS styles (if you are using them). Tim (and Wayne) also have some helpful suggestions for standardizing biblioblog tags here.

As you may have noticed, I started to tag my posts about a week ago (I have been going back and adding tags to previous posts — I am currently in July somewhere!) and have also made some changes to my side navigation bar for my blog. I’ve added a topical index to my blog which will help you find blog entries on some of main topics I tend to post on (it will also take you to delicio.us where you can see my other subject tags and do further searches). In addition, I have added a search feature which allows you to google search my blog archives as well as the entire Codex site. Finally, I have also added a few more blogs to my “blogroll” (BetterBibles, Faith & Theology, Hermeneutica, Midrash le-Justin, Novum Testamentum, Philo of Alexandria, Ricoblog, and SansBlogue).

I hope these features will make my blog more accessible for my two or three readers…

O, yes… because of my title you may have been looking for the meaning of life. If so, look here.

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