Argh… New Filing System Required!

I am looking for a file. Lately, I have spent too much time looking for files and articles (books are easier to locate because they stand out more). I have a great filing system; the problem is that I don’t use it! I don’t put things back in there proper places and then they get buried under the piles. Sometimes I feel like I should divide my home office into balks and start an archaeological dig! I guess I come by it honestly. I remember buying my Dad a plaque for his office that read, “A Clean Desk is the Sign of a Sick Mind.” When my Dad passed away, I looked everywhere for the plaque as I figured I could use it now!

While I have you here, I may as well give you a tour of my desk. You’ll notice my Dell Laptop in the middle and my Mac monitor to the right (Accordance is up and running on the Mac). My 160 Gig back-up drive and DVD burner are above my laptop. The tel to the left of my laptop has my BHS, New Oxford Annotated Bible (it’s the Bible we require our students to use in Religion & Theology courses at Taylor), as wel as some other books. The tel in front and to the right of the laptop consists of sundry files and articles (You’ll notice the latest Harry Potter by my Telephone). Then to the right of my Mac there is another pile of folders and books. On my desk hutch if you could look closely you’d notice various Simpsons/Lord of the Rings/Coke paraphernalia as well as numerous homemade Father’s Day gifts. And of course, the ubiquitous “Double Gulp” cups filled with my addiction of choice, Diet Coke (in various states of decay — did you know Diet Coke molds? I thought it was indestructible!)

Overseeing the entire mess is my “Buddy Christ” figurine — he is perpetually giving me the “thumbs up” — OK, I’ll persevere!

If anyone knows where my “JetsGo” file folder is, please let me know…

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