New Picture of Leviticus Scroll Fragments

As promised, below is a new — previously unpublished — picture of the recently discovered scroll fragments of the book of Leviticus. This picture was taken by Hanan Eshel on the night of 23 August 2004 at the abandoned Jordanian police station where he first met the Bedouin wanting an estimate of the fragments’ worth.

The Leviticus scroll fragmentsClick for Larger Image

The four fragments are clearly discernible in the picture:

  • Top left: The small fragment containing portions of Leviticus 23:38 and 39.
  • Top right: The decomposed fragment; even with infrared photographs this fragment was indecipherable save for a few scattered letters.
  • Bottom: The two pieces which had already been joined together. The fragment on the right contains Leviticus 23:40-44, while the left fragment contains remnants of Leviticus 24:16-18.

My story on the discovery of the scroll will appear in ChristianWeek next week; after that I will post a more complete accounting of my 20 July 2005 interview with Hanan Eshel.

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