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Over 1000 Served…

22nd July 2005

I remember growing up and the McDonald’s would have on their signs, “Over 1 Million Served” or the like. Hmm… when did they stop doing that?

At any rate, I hit the one thousand mark today with my site meter, which I think is kind of neat. I know that is nothing compared to the visits that blogging luminaries like Mark Goodacre at NT Gateway Weblog (he is currently at 2,093,660!), Jim Davila at Paleojudaica (150,865), or Jim West at Biblical Theology Blogspot (87,868) receive, but I think it is not too bad — especially considering that I only added the site meter to my blog two weeks ago (OK, 15 days if you’re picky). If I keep that rate up for the next year I will be at 26,000! Hmm… I have a way to go I guess!

What I find the most fascinating is that people are visiting from all over the world with a variety of different languages. If you are a new visitor, welcome! If you are a repeat visitor, I’m honoured! Thank you for taking your time to browse my blog and my site. Thank you for your feedback and I hope that you continue to find my blog useful, fun, and informative.

Here are some graphs of where my visitors comes from and what their (computer) languages are:

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