Pictures of Newly Uncovered Leviticus Scroll

Here are some pictures of the fragments of the Leviticus scroll from Associated Press:

From my own quick analysis, this fragment appears to contain parts of Leviticus 23:43-44 (right column) and 24:16-18 (left column). The column widths range from 20-25 letterspaces, with a column height of ca. 30 lines. It appears to follow the MT text.

Here is the accompanying text from AP:

This photo made available by Israeli archeologist Chanan Eshel on Friday, July 15, 2005, shows a fragment of an ancient Torah scroll containing verses from the Book of Leviticus, said to have been found last year in a ‘refugee’ cave in Nachal Arugot, a canyon near the Dead Sea. Eshel, an archaeologist from Tel Aviv’s Bar Ilan University said Friday, July 15, 2005, that the discovery of two fragments of nearly 2,000 year-old parchment scroll from the Dead Sea area gave hope to biblical and archaeological scholars, frustrated by a dearth of material unearthed in the region in recent years, that the Judean Desert could yet yield further treasure. (AP Photo, Ho)

UPDATES: See here for more up-to-date blog entries on the Leviticus scroll fragments.

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