Kidman and DiCaprio: Twins Separated at Birth?

It’s Saturday night, I’m tired (I helped a friend move all day today), so I thought I would post a light-hearted blog about my visit to the local Rogers Video. As I was looking through the new releases (and being rather uninspired) I couldn’t help by notice the similar DVD covers of a couple movies on adjacent shelves. The movies were The Aviator (2004) staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Birth (2004) starring Nicole Kidman (I wonder how her Old Testament studies are progressing?). I haven’t seen either movie, though I automatically wondered if DiCaprio and Kidman were twins who were separated at birth. I showed one of the workers (are they called associates?) and he too was intrigued. Take a look for yourself — note especially the furled eyebrows:

As it turns out, they are (probably) not twins since Kidman was born in 1967 in Honolulu, while DiCaprio was born in Hollywood in 1974… unless of course there is a conspiracy and the Internet Movie Database is in on it! (As an aside, I think that Kidman should be cast for the next Star Trek movie! She would look rather good as a Vulcan: she has the eyebrows and the ears wouldn’t take much work!)

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