Canadian Society of Biblical Studies Annual Meeting

The Canadian Society of Biblical Studies begins its 2005 annual meetings later this morning in London, Ontario. I am set up in my dorm room with hi-speed internet, so I figured I would highlight some of the upcoming sessions relating to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament:

Sunday Morning Sessions

  • Keith Bodner (Tyndale University College) “The Fellowship of the King: Some Remarks on a Formative Interaction”
  • Marie-France Dion (Concordia University) “Who was Samuel to Saul? A Critical Analysis of I Sam 9:1-10:16; 10:17-27: 11:1-15”
  • Gord Oeste (Wycliffe College) “Legitimation and Delegitimation in Judges 9: Abimelech’s Rise and Demise”
  • Gary N. Knoppers (Pennsylvania State University) “‘Give Me that Old-time Religion’: The Revival of Israelite Religion in Postexilic Samaria”
  • Mark Boda (McMaster Divinity College) “Freeing the Burden of Prophecy: maśśa and the Legitimacy of Prophecy in Zechariah 9-14”

Monday Morning Sessions

  • Tim Goltz (McGill University) “Two Rhetorical Methods for Two Historical Audiences: Reading and Hearing Texts in Ancient Israel”
  • Ken Ristau (Pennsylvania State University) “Of Prophets and Monarchs: The Death of Josiah in Chronicles”
  • Christine Mitchell (St. Andrew’s College) “Temperance, Temples and Colonies: Reading the Book of Haggai in Saskatoon”
  • Robert Culley (McGill University) “Reading the Complaints of the Individual”
  • James Linville (University of Lethbridge) “Bugs Through the Looking Glass: The Infestation of Meaning in Joel”
  • R. Glenn Wooden (Acadia Divinity College) “Daniel against the wise-men: the nuanced use of wisdom terms in Daniel 1-2”

Tuesday Morning Sessions

  • Arthur Walker-Jones (University of Winnipeg) “Myth Criticism of the Psalms”
  • Tyler F. Williams (Taylor University College) “The Psalm Superscriptions and the Composition of the Book of Psalms”
  • Ehud Ben Zvi (University of Alberta) “The Account of Amaziah in 2 Chronicles 25”
  • David Shepherd (Briercrest College) “‘Strike his bone and his flesh’: Reading Job 2 from the Beginning”
  • Derek Suderman (Emmanuel College) “Towards an Improved Description of Biblical Prayer: Form-Critical Approaches to Direct Address in Psalm 55”
  • John Van Seters (Waterloo, ON) “The Myth of the ‘Final Form’ of the Biblical Text”

It looks like a good slate of papers (I hear the one by Tyler Williams is awesome!). I may blog a few reports for papers which I find particularly interesting.

A full programme with abstracts is available from the CSBS website here.

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