Reprint of Seeligmann’s LXX Isaiah Monograph

This week’s Review of Biblical Literature includes a review of Isac Seeligmann’s masterful The Septuagint Version of Isaiah. This reprint of his 1948 work includes an introduction by Septuagint scholar Robert Hahnhart as well as two additional essays by Seeligmann. Seeligmann’s work on LXX Isaiah is a great resource and having it reprinted (with corrections) will make it more accessible to scholars and teachers. The full bibliographic data is as follows:

Seeligmann, Isac Leo.
The Septuagint Version of Isaiah and Cognate Studies.
Edited by Robert Hahnhart and Hermann Spieckermann. Forschungen Zum Alten Testament 40. Mohr Siebeck, 2004.
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I highly recomend this work for all biblical scholars interested in the LXX version of Isaiah.

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